Millie is the girl who
decides to go for it

Hey there Lovely! Welcome to
Infinite Paper Lab. I'm Millie, a
fun-loving and highly enthusiastic

girl who would like to take you on
an adventure of self-discovery
and empowerment!

Just a girl with goals

Millie wish to create her own stationery
brand that is eco-friendly and sustainable
while also being affordable. Despite the
demanding nature of her goals, Millie is
determined to accomplish both of these
things; she believes that she has the will
so there must be a way.


Millie's advice on how to
live a bold and happy life

You've just got to do what you genuinely
love and don't get taken away or swayed
by what others might think of you. Never
lose sight of who you want to become.
You're enough. You're already amazing.